Welcome to Coutures Clothing Care Guide, where we ensure your favourite garments stay as vibrant as your dreams! Follow these simple steps to keep your Coutures clothes looking their best:
  • Machine wash cold (30°C) to maintain the colors and fabric quality.
  • Embrace the beauty of your garments by avoiding bleach. Preserve their natural charm.
  • Say no to tumble drying! Instead, let your clothes air dry naturally for a longer-lasting lifespan.
  • Iron at a low temperature to smoothen out any wrinkles with care, ensuring your clothes are ready for any adventure.
  • Give your clothes the love they deserve by avoiding dry cleaning. It's all about keeping things simple and sustainable.
  • Protect the integrity of printed designs by not ironing directly on them. Your style statements will remain intact.
  • Foster longevity by washing your Coutures clothes inside out. It's a little secret that maintains their brilliance.
Remember, proper care ensures that your Coutures clothes will continue to inspire you on your extraordinary journey.